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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The world of alpine web blogs?

the skin
You'll want to dbl click these photos for full effect

A few of us finally got together for some easy but oh so good skiing here in Chamnonix.

TK, Matt, Brian and Charlie all gathered for a really fun ride today.  Simply brilliant skiing starting with a coffee in Chamonix, up the Midi tram and then a short, pleasant skin over into Italy.   Down 1200m of the de Toule Glacier to the Helbronner mid station.  Up that tram and another then back to Chamonix for lunch.  The blogs are here:

I will eventually write more when I have some time but  I am not much on writing up my own trip reports.  Magical days with good friends, old and new, can deserve some pictures and words.  This was truly one of those days for me. 

The picture above is Charlie about to spray me with much of the crew following.  Me?  I'm in the middle of a perfect patch of steep snow with a huge shit eating grin.   Dave is pictured below at the last of the ice fall.  The route?   Half the Valle Blanc then up and down the de Toule Glacier, then up for coffee, and down the  Combe de La Vergie, down the right bank of the Seracs de Geant.

"Super Dave Searle" above"
I've skied on a lot of fine days.  Few better than this. 3600+m of vert. total, one "one"run.
All enhanced by the Italian coffee, grappa and French sunshine!

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