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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Crochues-Bérard tour Chamonix....

As always the views and mountains here are incredible!
Can you name that classic N. Face?

"Crochues-Bérard was a blast, best I've ever skied it."

Yes, when a Chamonix local tells you first it is the "easiest tour in Chamonix" and then at the end of an incredible powder day, that the skiing was good, you know you've had a blessed day in the mountains.  And I did.

For those that haven't figured it out yet, I left Seattle late on the 25/3, arrived late afternoon in Chamonix 26/3.   And was really antsy to get some of the new recent snow fall after a few weeks of drought in the Chamonix valley.  I'll be here awhile skiing, climbing and testing new gear.

Today was a ski day...and an amazing one at that!

my local "guides" for the day..."Merci!"

Alexandre and his sister Alize were kind  enough to allow me to tag along.  Alexandre with a blow acl and a huge knee brace strapped on. Alize having never done a kick turn or any touring prior.  But they both started skiing as infants.  It helps :-)   I hoped I would be at last able to keep them in eyesight all day with 3 hours sleep in the last 60 or so.

Dozens skinned d then eventually booted the last steep section for first tracks.  No worries, as there was more than enough to go around!

Fun day, bright sun, knee deep powder in places but powder everywhere of some sort except for the luge run out to lunch and the bus back to Chamonix.   Yes, I did finally catch them again @ lunch! 
Omelet and a beer for me!  And finally, my 1st real meal in France.  Hungry and no sleep...never a good combo.  But I do still have my ACLs!   And Alize handled all like she had been touring her entire life.

Much more to come.  Today's tour was courtesy of Dyanfit.  I was on one of my favorite set of gear, PDGs and a  171cm Nanga Parbat.  Binding is a high bred of the Speed Superlight toe and a Low tech race heel.  Perfect set up for me today.  Easy on the climbs (dude, I am tired!)  and just enough ski and boot for the amazing snow on the down.

Looking out and down at the last big Pow drop.

After skiing a 115mm ski most of the winter I can still appreciate a lwt rig on touring days....even in that much perfect snow.

Tomorrow the big guns come out. 

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