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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rab in the rain? The RAB Cirrus Wind-Top

Truth is I spend a lot of time in the rain.  I live in the foot hills of the Cascades for crimney sake.  It is to be expected.   And if I sort out the time spent, more of it is in my office than outdoors this time of year.  Thankfully with the 22 of Dec close at hand!    We all have are own crosses to bare.  My buddy was commenting on how cold it was skate skiing in and out of Moraine Lake last week.  While I was running in the rain @ 36F degrees.
Cold is cold.  But good gear can limit the suffering.
Which is why this quick blog.  I like being surprised by good gear.
An hour run in a heavy rain at 36 degrees is a good test of one's will to get out of the house (at least for me) and of the gear.  Not much gear involved.  Gloves which I seldom, almost never, run in.  But it was cold enough I kept them on the entire time.   I used a simple lwt fleece liner glove.   My favorite Lopren running socks, Nike flats, a pair of Paradox tights, a Performance hooded jersey and my RAB  Cirrus Top.  The less you use likely the better you'll want it to be.
An hour later my jersey was still dry.  I was still warm and sweat was still running off me.  Jacket was totally soaked, (as is everything except my core)  but the fabric still had water beading up on its surface.  I am dry for the most part under neath and not wet or cold from the rain or the effort.  Much to my surprise I didn't suffer much.  And I hadn't expected much of the Cirrus in the conditions.  The actual results rather pleasant by comparison.
How cool is that? 
Advertised as a wind shell by RAB but good in enough for some rain if you can keep moving and the DWR is new enough I suspect :)   I am beginning to really appreciate this one.  More to it than meets the eye.   Side pockets that serve as vents for one. Great fleece backed "collar" if you zip it up and leave the hood down as I normally do running, even when it is pouring out.  But nice to have an option that works so well.  Great color choice for those required high  visibility days.  Simple elastic cuffs.   Well under 5oz.   Not every lwt shell is created equal.   The Cirus is better than most.

The Cirrus Wind-Top,  full zip version.

Using the same Pertex Quantum 15 Denier fabric as the Pull-On
the Wind-Top also features an under-helmet hood and 2 zipped
hand-warmer pockets.Designed for fast and light use the Cirrus
Wind-Top is a fully featured jacket that can be used over layers
to create a warm and windproof clothing system yet weighs in at
just 120g / 4ozThe Cirrus Wind Top is ideal for adventure racers,
mountain marathons, fell runners, mountain bikers, or even for
super lightweight alpine style ascents on rock where wind proof
protection is required.

Sizes: S - XXL
Weight: 120g / 4oz (4.6oz for my Large)

$110 retail

More here on shells

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