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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Monday, October 8, 2012

Calories in and Calories out?

Calories in and Calories out?  I had always thought all calories were the same.  They are not.

Loosing 50# in 9 weeks during chemo last winter made a huge impact (for the better) on my life.  I am still within 5# of that lower body weight.   Not having the support then that I wanted and am still looking for in diet and nutrition has sent me on a rather strange and long term journey.  Today a good friend sent me a couple of emails with links that I really didn't have time to watch.  But I did make the effort tonight.  They were well worth my time.  Thanks Bruce!

We train for climbing and sort through tons of gear and clothing but the real "tools" is our mind and our body.  How are you treating yours?   If you think that your age or life style changes are catching up to you and you are gaining weight because of it, this might be an eye opener.   One point I found very interesting was the difference in what and in what amount the additives changed in the mid '80s.

This is a short version on "calories".  The material gets pretty technical but it is well worth watching as many times as required to get the best understanding of the subject.

The original version is here:


Grant said...

I agree with everything you say. I've been reading a shit ton about training lately and it's blown my cap off. Almost done with Endurance Training and Racing by Dr. Philip Maffetone: I cannot recommend it enough.

Kerwin. said...

I think this rabbit hole goes a bit deeper, the assertions that Dr. Lustig proposes may be heading the right direction, but ultimately are misguided.

Bruno Schull said...


I agree with Kerwin. It's a complex topic, and Dr. Lustig clearly has his opinions, but may not be telling the whole story (or is only telling one side of it). Below is a link to a blog which discusses some of these issues in a very rational, evidence-based, non-sensational way. It's also a pretty funny, and I think accurate, rebuttal of the whole "Paleo" diet fad: