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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More Petzl Nomic pick feed back?

This from Petzl America recently:

"- We are NOT bringing back the Cascade pick for the Nomic. Perhaps this rumor is based on availability of the Cascade pick for the previous generation Quark, which is still in production.

- Same story for the 1st generation Griprest. We have no plans to bring this one back, although there still may be some stock out there which could be feeding these rumors.

- There is no new Griprest on the horizon, however, the latest (post* Quality Alert) generation of the Nomic Griprest will fit the 1st Gen Nomic."

The still available 1st gen Quark Cascade picks can be easily cut down and used in any version of the Nomic for those that prefer less "stick" water ice pick.  And for durable dry tooling the old 4mm T rated Quad pick will work with little effort as well.  Quad is my choice in the alpine if a lot of rock is involved.    Might be better to think of the Nomic as having 4 different picks available directly from Petzl.
Ally's original Quad pick in a 1st gen. Nomic with a CT hammer.  Winter of '10/11 in Chamonix.

Either way easy enough to copy the Nomic blade pattern and reshape the lower back section of the older Quark picks to fit the Nomic.  Only adding the clip in hole, if required, is difficult.  The Quark Cascade pick tooth and back edge patterns are exact copies of the older Nomic Cascade picks.  A few minutes work with a grinder and files.  Add a spacer, bolt the new pick in and you are ready to rock!

Older Quark Cascade pick on the bottom, Nomic Cascade on top.
Obvious where you need to remove metal on the earlier picks to fit.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...


I'm glad I purchased two spare cascade picks for my Nomics when they were still available.

Is there any advantage to the new griprest over the griprest on the first generation Nomic? I use the medium setting and I tried out the new Nomic at a climbing shop in Burlington, VT last month and didn't notice any big difference.