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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Friday, January 29, 2010

Where did I come from?

If you are going to be reading the blog seems like a fair question that deserves an answer. Not every summit is listed here or every climb pictured here a success.  But simply where I have been.   And looking back some of what seems important to me today.

Canadian water ice, winter1972/73
On the top of Cascade waterfall here.

Deltaform, Canadian Rockies in 1975
This Mtn is still a passion of mine.  The N. Glacier and shortly after the 2nd ascent on Super Coulior.

North side of Deborah, Alaska range, May, 1976
with help from the AAC

FA, Central Pillar, N Face Temple July 1976 with Mike Eastburn, 16 hrs.

Early morning on the Eiger, Oct 1978
Prior to bailing later in the day

Polar Circus, Canadian Rockies 1980
a year later the 2nd one day ascent.
Now most do it rather casually in 5 hrs or less
from the road to the chains.

FA Yahoody, trad, .11b 1980  A big step for me in EBs and a swami belt.

Slipstream, 2nd ascent and 1st one day, in 7hrs. Canadian Rockies Jan 1981
with Gary Silver, RIP

My line on the 2nd solo of Edith Cavel after Royal Robbins, August 1981
7 hrs car to summit.

FA, Tsunami, trad 5.11b R,  the Selkirks 1986

1987 Solo Illusions/ FF combo, 5.11a, 4 pitches

FA Lingerie, trad, .12b 1987

FA UNI, trad .12b 1988
Which I had rated .11+

2006 solo of Polar Circus, seemingly a perennial classic for me.

Fun winter mixed in the Cascades, 2008

Curtain Call, WI6, Canadian Rockies 2009
with Jack Roberts, RIP

2nd Ascent, Blue Moon vair. on Pineapple Express.
IV, AI3, M6, 5.9
Mtn. Snoqualmie, 2009  

The Alps, Winter/Spring, 2011

Fall and Winter of 2011
Stage IV Cancer survivor

Canadian Rockies, Winter/Spring of 2012,  

Rt Hand WW
Winter/Spring 2013

March thru May, Spring 2014, '15, '16  back in Chamonix again skiing and climbing.

PC 1980

It is a low priority, work in progress, but more here:


thechammp said...


Anonymous said...

Props for the climbs, longivity and your tolerence for fools.

Tim said...

Very interesting, Dane.
It is good to see some of your climbs and it is quite impressive to me how long you have been at it.
May you keep climbing for many more years!