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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Monday, June 8, 2015

Be kind...

"Be kind to everyone you meet,  because we all fight an unseen battle for life."


Dave N said...

Dane, it was a hard video to watch. Been there done that . Eight months in remission .
Your statement for the video stands true . To look at a person's exterior doesn't always show what's going on on the inside , physically or emotionally .
Take Jason . His battle was not being able to stop the pain his wife was going through . To watch your loved one suffer has to be emotionally hard .
I may be wrong , I hope I'm wrong but I think for the most part we are selfish humans . A sucks to be you type attitude .
I know speaking for myself , I look at people differently now .
Cheers , Dave N

Dane said...

Hi Dave,
I can only imagine the toll my diagnosis took on my wife. I aged years from treatment. I have no doubt she did as well. I'd rather be on my end than Tracy's or Jason's. I suspect it is easier.

Anonymous said...

Amazing, sad and still hopeful story.

Jesus_Castro said...

I made it as far as the cat scan scene, then the tubes brought me back...too close to home. I have always given my wife carte blanche to leave me during and post cancer, as I am a much older, and different person than when I went in for my colonoscopy. She has stayed with me, and I am lucky for that. I see in her eyes what my pain does to her... it is heartbreaking. Sometimes I want her to leave me and pursue a life with a healthy individual. Mostly, I am just in awe at the love she has shown me and hope, someday, I can return it in full.