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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Monday, January 30, 2012

New DMM ice tools..this week

Looks like a lot of lessons learned from Petzl by this picture.  Hopefully they can up the game again.  And I can't get much from the video but the new tools are coming.  New tools are always fun!

Thanks for the additional link guys!

Even more here:  Not so impressive if you are on Petzls already,  But the Raptor is very cool and old school.


Morten Johansen said...

There is a PDF here with info and pictures.
Those switch axes looks rather good! :)

Zgemba said...

PDF with more info:

Frank said...

You can already see the new products in a pdf.

Rafal said...

Can't wait to actually see the report photos - those look pretty awesome, though they do look suspiciously closely-modeled on Petzl's offerings.

James925 said...

Looks like a cool tool. Shaft curve looks like a nomic, but handle like a quark. Think they'll make you abandon your Nomics?

Dane said...

Looks like one of each, a Nomic and a Quark with maybe even more shaft clearence like the newest Ergo.

But I'm happy with my current tools :)

Zgemba said...

I did a quick Photoshop geometry analysis here:
Maybe I should have included Quark as well, but looking at the outlines it is obvious that DMM Apex is more like straight grip Nomic than Quark clone.

Anonymous said...

Grrrrr, no new crampons this year.. And they kinda told me via email that the new modular crampon (to replace terminator) is in the works... Sigh.
Mykhaylo, .ua

Rafal said...

Zgemba: exactly what I thought - looks like a direct copy of the Nomic!

Dragon = Camalot 4
Switch = Nomic

Miel said...

Did anyone use these axes? I'm very interested to learn more. There is a review on but extra input is welcome as these axes are on my shortlist.