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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Millet Davai alpine boots...

Millet has been very successful in the 8K meter boot business a while now. 

photo courtesy of Valerio Massimo

The newest "Davai" single boot, designed for hard technical climbing,  is one I am really looking forward to testing and reviewing.

Vibram® outsole
EVA midsole provides shock-damping support.
Compatible with all crampon
Semi-rigid Cordura® upper.
Quick, efficient lacing.
Superfabric® reinforcements.
High-thermicity PrimaLoft® lining
Stretch gaiter / waterproof, breathable PTFE membrane.
Waterproof flapped zip closure.

"4,000M / ED. 1,000M.
First Ascent: 1955, DAVAILLE & CORNUAU.
For a mountaineer, scaling the north face of Les Droites is a tremendous achievement: 1,000 metres in wintry conditions of snow and ice, with an ED (extremely difficult) rating. With this committed, expert-only route in mind, Millet is launching as part of its 2012-2013 winter collection a technical winter mountaineering boot, a lightweight three-layer Gore-Tex jacket with a radical design, and a pair of warm, precise gloves for holding iceaxes. These three exclusive Millet products bear the name Davaï
– a nod to the route’s inaugural masters: Davaille and Cornuau."


Algirdas said...

I'm just not sure about the EVA midsole. They aren't that durable in the long run.

Morten Johansen said...

wow, lots of new boots comming out!
Cant wait to see a test between, this, the new 2012 Bartura 2.0, the Salewa super pro, and the Mammut Nordwand! Timing seems perfect, my Nepal EVO´s are looking a bit used (but really love these awsome boots)

Jeff Meagher said...

Super excited to see these come out and to get my hands on them. They look to be great, and being built by Millet, I expect the quality to be superb. Thanks for the heads up and I'll be on the lookout for your review of them.

Matt said...

Hi Dane,
Did you ever get around to reviewing these boots?
I'm in the market for B3s with integrated gaiters but no reviews for these boots.

Dane said...

Nope, no review. Never was able to get a pair of them to test.

Unknown said...

Are these boots warm enough for 7000m mountains? They look great and so light.

suicidemartini said...

Figure I'd chime in that I have these boots and really dig them. Used them on Rainier, a couple other 14ers and taking them to Ouray next month. They are super warm. My feet were warmer on Rainier in these than when I did it with La Sportiva Baruntses. They really only feel limited by expeditions where you'd definitely want a removable liner. Only complaint is a lack of lace-lock on the lower boot, but some creative lacing solved that issue.

Unknown said...

Hello suicidemartini could you send a picture of the creative lacing you used. I have this problem with my boot.

suicidemartini said...

I tie a barrel knot at the ankle (above where the lace locks usually are on most boots) and then laced the last 2 hooks normally. Found that keeps them snug