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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


this should be really good!


Andy said...

Ski selection question for you: Have you tried out the 13/14 BD carbon megawatts and Voile V8s? Still love my 178 Hi5s, but want a bigger powder ski for sidecountry that is nimble enough for trees. I feel like the V8 would overlap a little more design wise with the Hi5, but the reviews are really good...

Dane said...

Hi Andy, not tried the new BD and then just saw the weights didn't make the publish specs. which looses its appeal for me. Voile V8 is on my list to review if I can manage a pair. Looks to be a really good ski.

I ditched my Hi5 and went for a Dynafit Huascaran for your/my tree s/c requirements and love them. And a Hang5 for something more which I like as well but a lift s/c ski for me. Praxis GPO is the ski I bought this year hopefully inbetween the Hang5 and Huascaran. I'll do a comparison between that three once we have enough snow here. But I am really cutting some fine lines bewteen some really good skis.

V8, GPO, Huascaran..they are all great skis.

Andy said...

Thanks for the thoughts, Dane. What lengths are you running those in? You started with the Hi5s at 178, right?

Dane said...

The three above are 177/178 and 182. My original Hi5s were 188. I wouldn't want a Hi5 any shorter than the 188s.

Another skis that I really like for trees is my 192cm DPS RPC. But use a One or RS boot on them. Hopeing a 192 GPO and a 187 Protest will be just as good or better again with bigegr boots. Most fun ski I have for trees and soft snow right now that I have a lot of time on is the 177 Huascaran that I ski with a TLT..either version.

If you like the 177 Hi5 I suspect you would also like the 186 Huascaran @ 114mm under foot. Lo5 is 105mm. Huascaran is also a good bit lighter in wieght by comparison. Lots of great skis these days. Just what I have skied and can recommend 1st hand.
Newest Rossi 7 series is another good source of skis imo.

Dane said... is what I have/have kept to ski this season:

Dyna Huascaran 177 and 196
DPS 138 192
Praxis GPO 182 and 192
LS Hang5 178
Praxis Protest 187

likely I'll replace the 196 Huascaran and the DPS 138 this year

No clue what I'll replace them with yet. Big fan of the 115mm size for all around skiing and 130mm for big snow days. May be a Spoon? Have yet to find a 100mm ski I really like. I do have some smaller than 100mm that I do like for other uses.