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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Sunday, October 6, 2013

First thoughts.....TLT boots?

       "Damn I could climb pretty hard in these!"
And I was right.
"WowReally nice LWT ski boot!"
And indeed they are, even better as a ski boot than I ever expected!
No question some user over lap in these two boots.  But I still think my first impressions defines both boots for its best use.   Happy that I am lucky enough to have booth.  Hate to have to choose between them.  I have been really happy with the TLT5 as a climbing boot, even though it was never designed as a technical climbing boot.  The TLT6 is without a doubt a ski boot first and foremost by design.  And it will still climb reasonably well on alpine and technical ice.
Much as I hate to admit it.....if I had to choose only one?  The 6 would be THE boot.  For the 6's added ability on skis..I could suffer some if required to climb in them.


Mike said...

I will say it again, it is a shame they do not make them in a 31.0 mondo. Why are Europeans so small?

Kerwin. said...


Do you think retrofitting a TLT6 lower buckled onto a TLT5 would be possible? Both of my TLT5 buckles are hosed after 100 days of used.

Dane said...

I'd call Dynafit and get an RA#. The boots have a 2 year warrenty.

Easy to replace the buckles if you have the parts and rivet machine. Buckles on the last generation of TLT5s were a lot better than the first generation buckles. One of the things I noticed have boots from both ends of the TLT5 production run.