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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Monday, July 22, 2013

Blue Ice?

Hard gear to get here in the US with import duties and shipping.  But if you are in the EU or better yet Chamonix it is worth checking out all of the Blue Ice gear.  Always a tool guy, I really like the new classic Bluebird ice axe.  Their "model" helps me appreciate the classic lines of the newest piolet  :)

Hélène is in love with the Blue Bird Ice Axe!
It should be available in the late Fall of 2013. 
The newest Blue Ice cataog:


Bruno Schull said...

Hi Dane,
That's a nice looking axe! I like the general design, with one major drawback: the shape of the top of the pick seems like it would making holding the axe in the pick backward or "self arrest" grip difficult or impossible. But perhaps that's not a surprise...I've heard that French climbers sometimes call the pick backward position "piolet merde." I know all the debates about the different grips, and have my own preferences, but versatality is always appreciated.

Dane said...

Hey Bruno. I've not held one in my hand. But do know the guys involved that designed it. I have some distinct preferences myself on a classic axe. The Bluebird is certainly a classic axe in the "Euro" mold with the curved adze and radical droop from pick to adze shape. Hopefully we'll hear some feedback on the early production models. I want one :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dane, what do u think of the new boa tethers? I remember reading that u liked the previous generation boas as more likely to hold a slip/fall than other tethers that use biners. Am I misstating your opinion? How do these new tethers look to u? Do think the two seperately tethers might have a problem getting tangled with each other. Any other tethers I should look at?

Dane said...

Really liked the original Boa. Not so much on the newest version as I was hoping for something stronger. I suggest looking at the Grivel dbl Spring leash now.