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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Petzl Nomic 2011/2012

As expected the "new" Nomics have been improved from last year and are being delivered in the EU as I write this.  NA can't be far behind.

Edvin was nice enough to post the details on the "fix" and send me a link.  Thank you sir!  More here:

photo courtesy of Edvin Mellergård


Anonymous said...


You may not know the answer, but I'm curious if the pommel from the new Nomic will fit onto the old Nomic?

If you have any insight into this, let me know.



Dane said...

I don't know. The last version did and I suspect this one will as well. *BUT* with only two teeth on the pommel (the older version has 3 or 4 iirc) I suspect you'll risk stripping your old Nomic's shaft if you do use it.

a little lost said...

Hi Dane,

Is the new DRY U19 pick worth it (as in significantly different) for dry tooling? The ICE pick looks largely the same (with the exception of the serrated blade top)

Does the old ASTRO pick fit the new tools?


Dane said...

The new picks are both T rated so some advantage there. And some design changes, bigger front tooth and another degree or so of angle on the picks. I like the original Cascade better than either on ice and the B rating wasn't an issue for what I was doing with them.

The old Cascade and the Astro will fit the new tools. Using the old picks eliminates the required spacer for the new picks but you cna't use a hammer on them either.

I don't use a hamemr very often so I really like the simplicity of the older picks in the field when I want to change them.

Anonymous said...

Dane, I've only been able to find one decent review on the Cassin (now C.A.M.P. I guess) X-all mountain. Do you have any plans to do a review of ice tools in the near future? If so, could this tool possibly be included?

Dane said...

Nothing planned right now till late Feb. But it is a good idea and I'll make it happen. Second one asking about the same tool on the same day.