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The cold world of alpine climbing.

The cold world of alpine climbing.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Useful Metric weight comparisons?

Many have asked so I've started doing metric weights to follow the rest of the civilised world :)
I'll add more as I get time.

The original here:


Cold Cold World 35l custom climbing sack, Spectra rip stop, 1#9oz 709g
Same CCW in balistics nylon 2#6oz, sans lid 1#14oz
REI Flash 18l 9.2oz / 261g
Arcteryx Khazri 35l 2#13oz / 1275g
CCW Chaos, custom 21" back, Spectra r/s, 3#10 no lid 2#10oz
Jensen red pack cloth LG 1# 11oz
Jensen green 8oz Cordura 2#3oz
Cilo 30L in 210d Dyneema r/s 17" back 2# 9oz

Boots.. one boot .. (size 45)

La Sportiva Spantik 3#.05oz / 1362g
La Sportiva Spantik with a Baruntse liner 2# 12oz / 1247g
La Sportiva Baruntse 3#2.5oz / 1503g
La Sportiva Batura 1st gen. 2#7oz / 1106g
La Sportiva Batura 2nd gen. 2#9oz / 1170g

La Sportiva Nepal Evo 2#10.5oz / 1205g
La Sportiva Trango Evo Extreme GTX 2#3oz (35oz) / 992g
Scarpa Phantom Ultra new 2010 model 2#3.5oz (35.5oz) / 1006g
Scarpa Phantom Guide new 2010 model 2#7.5oz / 1120g
Scarpa Phantom 6000 new 2010 model 2#10oz (a full dbl boot with intergal gaiter) / 1190g

Ski Mountaineering Boots (one boot measured)

Dynafit TLT 5 Performance size 45.3-29.5 mono, no tongue 42.5oz/ 1210g (NT) - 45.5/1290g with tongue
TLT 5 Mountain TF 42.5oz./ 1200g (no tongue) - 45oz/1280 (with tongue)
TLT 5 Mountain TFX 48oz/1360g - 50.5/1440g
Black Diamond Prime 28.5 mono  62.5oz/1720 (Palau liner dropped 100g)
Vintage Salomon Sx 80 DH boots 51oz/1440g  (boot I used for any type of skiing)

Ice tools

Original Petzl Quark hammer 1# 8oz / 682g
Petzl Nomic with mixed pick/weight 1# 6.8oz / 648g
Black Diamond Cobra or 1 lb 5 oz (mini hammer) / 600g
Black Diamond Viper or 1 lb 6 oz (hammer) / 625g
2nd gen Black Diamond Fusion (green) 1#9oz / 680g
Chouinard 55cm bamboo 770g
Chouinard alpine hammer 533g
Terrodactyl hammer 790g

Carabiners (times 20 or 30!)

Black Diamond solid D 50g
Black Diamond wire gate D 46g
Wild Country wire gate D 40g
Trango lwt wire 28g
Black Diamond Oz 28g


Metolius Master cam 2.5" 110g
Original Wild Country Friend #2.5 130g
Original Wild Country Frend #3 142g
Wild Country Tech Friend #3 152g

Ice screws

12cm Grivel Helix 5.1oz / 144g
13cm Black Diamond (newest) Express 4.8oz / 136g
16cm Grivel Helix 5.8 oz / 166g
16cm Black Diamond Express 5.1oz / 144g
19cm Black Diamond 5.6oz / 159g

Belay jackets

Wild Things, Belay Jacket, 34oz pre 2010 / 963g
Eddie Bauer XV 38.5oz / 1091g
MEC Tango, 31.7oz / 898g
Patagonia DAS (new) 36.9oz / 1046g
Arcteryx Duelly 28oz / 794g
Narrona Lyngen 26oz / 737g
Narrona Trollveggen 37.5oz / 1063g
Arcteryx Atom Hoody SV 19.0 oz / 538g
Mountain Hardwear Compressor Hoody Primaloft 1 19.8oz / 561g
Mammut Ambler 47.2oz / 1338g

Lightly insulated jackets (belay sweaters)

EB Downlight Hoodie Pullover XL 15.4 oz / 455g
Arcteryx Atom LT Pull Over Lg 10.7oz / 304g
RAB Xenon  Hoody XL 11.0oz /316g
Arcteryx Atom lt Hoody Lg 14.4oz / 429g
Arcteryx Aphix  Lg  18.5oz/  540g
Arcteryx Atom Hoody SV Lg 19.0 oz / 562g
Mountain Hardwear Compressor Hoody (1st gen) 19.8oz / 586g
Arcteryx Gamma MX Hoody XL 1# 8oz, 24oz / 710g
Patagonia North Wall Hoody Lg 1# 12oz/ 790g


RAB Cirrus Wind-Top large 130.5g / 4.6 oz
Arcteryx Squamish pullover XL 5.6oz -166g
Westcomb's, Shift Neoshell ajcket Large 12oz- 340g
EB Frontpoint XL 18.5oz / 547g
Patagonia Knifeblade Xl 1#4.8oz / 588g
Patagonia Mixed Guide Lg 1# 6oz/ 620g


Paradox, mid weight longs 8oz / 227g
Arcteryx Gamma Lt large 12.4 oz / 351g
Mountain Hardwear Ridge Runner 3/4 16oz / 453g
Arcteryx Gamma MX large 19oz / 539g
Patagonia Guide Pant 34" 1# 5.5oz/ 602g
Patagonia Alpine Pant 34" 1# 5.8oz / 610g
NWAlpine salopettes large 21.6oz / 612g
Black Diamond Northwall Pant 27.5oz / 778g
Arcteryx Gamma MX salopettes large 30.4oz / 861g
Arcteryx GoreTex Theta Bib large 23.3oz / 660g


Black Diamond Traser 8.5oz / 241g
Black Diamond Half Dome 12oz / 340g
Petzl Ecrin Roc 16oz / 453g
Grivel Salamander 13.7oz / 388g
Petzl Elios 12oz / 340g
Petzl Meteor III 7.9oz / 224g

Crampons per pair

Petzl Dartwin 1/2 bot 30.5oz / 865g
Petzl Dart no bot 28.8oz / 816g
Petzl Lynx dual points/bot 1080 g 
Lynx Mono point no bot 910 g

Grivel G12 ful bot 35.6oz / 1010g
Grivel G 20 28.2 oz / 800g
Grivel G 22 w/full bot 900g

Black Diamond Stinger, w/ full bot 32oz / 900g
Black Diamond Stainless Sabertooth full bot 34.2oz / 969g
Black Diamond Stainless Sabertooth no bot with Petzl bail toe 28.4oz / 808g
Black Diamond Stainless Sabertooth no bot with Petzl bail toe, Neve hee. flex bar 24.8 oz / 704g
Black Diamond Stainless Cyborg full bot 39.4oz / 1116g
Black Diamond Stainless Cyborg, mono, no bot, 28.6oz / 811g

Salewa/Chouinard hinged with straps (1980) 880g
Salewa/Chouinard clip-on rigids (1990) 920g

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