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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Friday, January 29, 2010

"Cold Cold World" climbing sacks

I went looking for a new larger volume climbing sack a few weeks ago. Of course anything I wanted would have to be sewed up to my size and a special order. I have lots of packs but the only company I own several of and continue to use every where, is the CCW stuff.

One of the best things that I have "seen" while at the Outdoor Retailer show in SLC is the pack shown below...that Randy shipped on Thursday for me. So I have yet to actually see it.

Built mainly from a black "spider web" Spectra rip stop, Choas in size, leashless tool attach and crampon bag included. A more detailed review to follow when I get home. But I am expecting a lot and CCW/Randy has never dissappointed.

Worth noting CCW retails (and still amazing to me) are less for a totally custom pack than others are for a production pack. And Randy's personal experience, actually out using the gear as intendeded, is second to none in the business. (3rd complete of Moonflower and 1st of Reality Bath come to mind...early solos of Slipstream..Tear Drop ect.) So if you need a guy who really understands your needs as a climber, he is THE go to guy imo.

Few times are the cutting edge practioners involved so directly with product design, manufacturing and development. When they are it shows.

Totally custom pack to my specs, with select materials, harness and accessories with the Chaos' volume. $245 and $10 shipping from the East coast to Issaqauh WA. And amazingly, a week after the order was placed it was shipped out to me. Freak'in stellar customer service!

Not the best know fact...but Twight, Belcourt, House and dozens of others have used "COLD COLD WORLD" packs off and on for years.

The one shown is a size Large with a 19.5 back.
Postal scale says 2# 4oz stripped (lid and foam off)
Tri folded 9mm Foam 3 or 4 oz (3/4 size and 22"x37")
mongo size...Lid another 8 oz

Just under 3# all added up and 4000+ cu in. for a size large. Extension is at least another 1500ci. 4000 in³ = 65.5482 L

Big enough to be used as a half bag if required and strong enough to stand in while hanging on the haul loops. Material is 500 denier nylon with a Spectra carbon fiber ripstop reinforcement woven into the fabric. So the pack could be made lighter using lighter weight materials. I was looking for something lwt weight, would look good in photos and tough, all without dropping a gazzillion $.

He's even sewn up a few "white" ones you've seen in the Patagonia catalog that another company just loves to take credit for :)

If you are looking for something really special for your own climbing you should make the effort to discuss your project with Randy @ CCW 603 383 9021

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