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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Petzl tool?!

So what version of the Ueli Steck lwt axe will we see at OR this winter?

I'm betting on the Sum-Tec/Nomic combo versions in the picture just below that he has been using for a while now.  But you never know....he has so many as the 2nd picture shows.

Lots of shots on video here of what I'd guess we'll see at OR.

*Pictures are courtesy of the Google's search engine....with copyrights to the original owners*.

Image result for ueli steck's 82 summits


More Image result for ueli steck's 82 summits

More here from a previous comment.. in 2013.  Be fun to see what Petzl decided they could produce.

YEA!  They did it!   Took awhile but Petzl showed both a lwt skimo axe and a new lwt "Nomic" as the revamped "Sum'tec" @ OR in SCL 2017.   Makes sense because the new Sum'tec  was so easy to make up with parts they already had on hand at Petzl.


Anonymous said...

Maybe something like this, at 3.28min


Poncho said...

Nice catch on the video Matej :) Obviously something new has been out and around for a while now.

Nor Cal Nomad said...

Didn't Uli say in one videos that Petzl made it specifically for him and wouldn't make it for the public since it wouldn't pass certs?

It'd be super rad if they figured a way around that!

Poncho said...

Right on. The that was the original comment on his super light Nomic type tool shown. We'll see what they have decided to sell next month.

Geoffrey said...

if you go through some of colin haileys stuff too, he's been recently using uelis tool

Anonymous said...

Interesting. The Sumtec shaft is in fact T-rated so that isn't an issue for an Alpine Nomic. And the fixed blade tools look like Terrors but made from Ride and Glacier Literide parts…

pit said...

Check minute 8.32

Nor Cal Nomad said...

Looky at the new Sum'Tec :D

Poncho said...

Thanks NorCal. Looks like we get the lwt Nomic via a redesigned SumTec and a new lwt skimo axe. Shoot score!