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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Monday, September 15, 2014

Fall yard sale...

All five ski for sale are pictured on the left side of this picture..

Part of last year's bumper crop.  Time for me to pull the bindings, change boots and move on...

Skis only, no bindings.

All are in exceptionally good condition tops and bottoms.  One mount with Dynafit Radicals on the Protest, and Huascaran.  Speed Superlight were mounted on the 182 GPO.  Radicals and then Rossi Axial 2 on the 192 GPO.  There are no lemons here.

Add actual shipping costs via US mail to any of these skis or boots.  US sales only.   Pay Pal preferred.

Praxis Custom ordered ski:

Carbon GPO, sunset top sheet, 192cm.  Twice mounted with Speed Radical to a TLT6 29,  and recently with a Rossignol Axis 2,  $300.


Hauscaran, 192cm.  Once mounted with Speed Super Light to a TLT6 29,  $300.

La Sportiva

Hang5,  178cm, Once mounted with Speed Radical to a TLT6 29,  $300.


Byron said...

Noticed you're selling the Spectres. Have you changed your view on these as a climbing ski boot?

Any further thoughts on them compared to the TLT6's

Jon Rhoderick said...

Hi Bryon,
I just purchased Dane's Spectres.

Obviously I haven't got them out on any frozen water of any sort yet but here are my first impressions.

Compared to my Nupstes, Spectres weigh 1-2 ounces more (slight variance between left and right) and are far lower volume than the Nupstes. I think if I take off a buckle and the power strap they would be even lighter than my Nupstes. They walk just as well, even though they are far stiffer and go up another inch on my calfs.

With a TLT6 your probably going to get a lighter boot, and it may fit you better , and have a little bit more walk mode range, but the Spectres are an excellent boot and can be found for cheaper.

Dane said...

Sorry missed the question. Spectre is good boot. Walks better than the TLT6 IMO and way less phaff with it to do so. Much much better inner boot. I use the Spectre inner full time now lift skiing and on multiday tours like the Haute Route in my tlt6. Best inner I have yet found for my own use.

The Spectre skis extremely well. As does the TLT6. Comes down to fit for me. TLT simply fits me better, so I use it more.

Enjoy the boots Jon! Funny how it works...everyone wants them after they have sold...only been available for what? Just 10 days or so ;-)