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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Alpine Mentors - Pacific Northwest Regional Program Start!

Opportunity for Young Alpinists

Alpine Mentors and the American Alpine Club invite young climbers to apply for a two-year mentorship program. Applications are due July 1, 2014. The regional program starts Fall 2014. As part of Alpine Mentors and the American Alpine Club’s commitment to promote competent skills among young climbers, this program is offered with no enrollment fee.

Ridgway/ CO, June, 05 2014 – This spring the application period for the first run of the regional Alpine Mentors - Pacific Northwest “AM-PNW” program started. Based on the idea of the original Alpine Mentors program, founded by the alpinist and author Steve House and his friends, AM-PNW promotes alpinism by encouraging, coaching, and climbing with technically proficient young alpinists who aspire to climb great mountains in a lightweight, low-impact style.

“I always had in the back of my head to make the mentorship-concept available to more climbers. Now with the help of my climbing-partner and friend Steve Swenson and the Northwest Region of the American Alpine Club, we are able to run our first local mentorship program”, explains Steve House. This coaching and training program is open for climbers from Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. Climbers who want to participate have already attained the skills to lead both traditionally protected rock climbs at 5.10- and water ice at WI4+.
From Climbers, for Climbers

Some of the best climbers of this region such as Steve Swenson, Kate Rutherford, Graham Zimmerman, Blake Herrington, Dave Burdick and Wayne Wallace are gladly volunteering their time to work with the young climbers.

Two-year program
Alpine Mentors’ programs are designed to operate on a two-year cycle. Mentors help young climbers organize trips that advance their climbing skills, accompany them on routes in their region, and will work towards the goal of safely being able to complete technical routes in the high mountains. The first trip of AM-PNW will be in Squamish, B.C. in late September, and the remaining program sessions will be jointly planned by the participants and mentors.

Alpine Mentors strives to help them at every step, from training and preparation to the final steps to the summit of a long dreamed of peak. The goal is never to build the best alpinists, but rather to help young climbers get the most growth and reward from their climbing experience. In return these climbers give back to the mountain community by sharing their lessons learned and encouraging others to be good stewards of the environment.
Mentees receive

          Experience in expedition planning, route finding, gear selection, and a myriad of other climbing-related skills.

          Two years working with mentors who assist the group from trip planning to executing expeditions.

          Training in various regions of the Northwest and Western Canada.

Application Process

Download the application form at the AAC Northwest Region’s website:

Send it to Eddie Espinosa - Northwest Regional Manager:

About Alpine Mentors 

Alpine Mentors is organized as a non-profit group and the mentors and climbers fund all the program's operations from our their pockets and community donations. Alpine Mentors is a federally recognized non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization - all donations are tax deductible. Alpine Mentors also relies on financial support from the leading brands in the outdoor industry who donate money to help us underwrite our operating budget as well as needed clothing and material to the young climbers.

Alpine Mentors and AAC partnership
The regional chapter Alpine Mentors - Pacific Northwest is a partnership between Alpine Mentors and the Northwest Region of the American Alpine Club.

Contact Alpine Mentors
Eva House

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