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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Henry Barber

I mentioned "HOT" Henry Barber last week.  If Henry "climbed a little", I've never climbed at all.`  Few personalities of the several generations I have been privileged to climb with have really impressed me.  Henry was one of the few.
First time I met Henry was at OR several years ago.  I had clearly embarrassed Henry telling him  how much of a hero he had been to my own climbing back in the '70s.   Two old gray hair guys standing in the middle of the OR show floor and farther from climbing than ever before.  But still climbing.
The rest of the world just in the way more these days.
But if didn't embarrass me admitting it.  I felt like a teenager again recounting in my own head  the things that Henry inspired in my own climbing.  It was a very good time to be alive and so much to learn.   
Rob Taylor in the Hemsedal Valley, Norway. 1977  Henry Barber photo. FA Vettisfossen  300m, WI5
Cool thing about Henry is he wasn't just a rock climber.  He  was an exceptional ice climber as well.  By even today's standards.  Much to Henry's climbing history.  Tiny bit of it here.
More on Henry here:

Check out
There are some gems there.  Another find from OR.

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Nicolai Michel said...

Henry did a presentation about his life for my outdoors club. We were greatly impressed!