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The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

The cold world of skimo & alpine climbing

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

OR day 2

The Cube version is a LOT lighter!

But the new Cube isn't the only light weight boot there are others I'll be reviewing shortly as well.

A new ice boot from Asolo deserves some attention.  805g!

Best on liner from the show..any show to date?

When asked how the new  boots climb?
"I used to climb a little.  But my friends say......"   when asked about the new Asolo Eiger's  performance on ice and mixed.

The one and only "HOT" Henry Barber's answer to a question.  If you are too young to recognize Henry Barber just think  of a taller Ueli with a bigger set of titanium cajones from the '70s.  Barber knew what leashless Grade 6 ice climbing was all about three DECADES ago.

12hr day today.  I never come to Summer OR expecting much and am always surprised.

I simply too lazy and too tired to do the update tonight,  bbuUUUUUUUUUUTTTT :)

I saw a few things that will change my own ice and alpine climbing significantly today.  Total surprise again.  But gear (hardware specific)  I can incorporate into my own kit right yesterday if I could get it all.  That single meeting for me makes these trips worth while for my own climbing.  More on those details in a week or so.  But I think you'll be surprised.  I was.  New  tools from Grivel?  Yes, the "MACHINE" is  back in three new versions!  And I like the design work a lot from what I have seen.

So I am stoked.  Some times seeing this stuff 6 months prior to production really sucks!  Lots of commentary and new products to introduce.  But it is going to have to wait till I get more time.

Highlights today?  New Jet Boil stove, ropes, hardware and climbing packs.  Yes , real no chite climbing packs!  New boots!!  Again.  Lots of new boots reviews coming up in August.  Just in time  for the fall alpine season and early ice.  Good day all in all.  More details to come shortly.

Till then the new make over on the Petzl Meteor helmet had me pretty happy in the short term.  Making my current Meteor obsolete sadly.

Just trying to share the luv above in matching lid and light :)  Much more to come!

In the mean time check Raf's stuff out:


Anonymous said...

seek out Crux packs if you have not yet seen them.
worth a look
thanks for your scoops!

Unknown said...

Can't wait to hear about the packs - hopefully some new small/light options for ski mountaineering.

Nicolai Michel said...

Thanks for taking the time to check out the new stuff and tell us about it. I'm looking forward to reading it all!

Anonymous said...

zoolander :)
stoked to see the details!

Dersu said...

The price of the Asolo Eiger is crazy, 600+ €. As a comparison, Scarpa Rebel Ultra is "just" 500€...

Dane said...

600+ € !? Hadn't seen the prices on all of these yet or didn't pay attention. Asolo Eiger does have some amazing technology....that might just be worth the 600Euros. More to come on that boot and the others I just mentioned in the most recent post.

Dersu said...

Yes, on their site (Asolo's) the recommended price is 617€.